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Why is it better to share your playlist within Spotify?


Why is it better to share your playlist within Spotify?

Hi folks, why do you prefer sharing your playlists in Spotify app rather than using Facebook, Whatsapp etc. ? We discuss about it and hopefully it will be there for you guys soon. Let's chat! 😎

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I've created a music chat group on Facebook so I try and post on there with a mix of Spotify playlists and YouTube songs.  For whatever reason FB doesn't allow you to embed YouTube videos so it plays right there making people less likely to click on it to listen to it.  Same thing with Spotify playlists, they do not make it convenient like they do on this to listen to the music without it taken you to another tab on your internet browser.  I feel like people tend to gloss over people's music on here but it's still seems better on this then Facebook.  

I guess that to whom are friends or fan on your Facebook page do not mind to go out of their Facebook page to see what you have shared, do they? 

I don't really like using Facebook it's not organic, and they limit what “us” the artist can do with the music.

What do you want to do? I'm curious 🙂

They limit the control thst we have fscebook allows sites to offer services they dont really provide but take freedom and networking away from the artist if u ask me

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