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Windows RT App Store Spotlite Removed


Windows RT App Store Spotlite Removed

Windows App store stopped 'Spotlite - listen to Spotify'. I uninstalled Spotlite yesterday from our Surface RT assuming I could re-install it but then found it not available! Spotlite support page message, dated early March 2015, from moderator 'hsalps' advised;  "...Spotlite will no longer be offered in the store because Spotify does not want us to continue. If you already have the app installed on your system you will be able to use it as long as you do not uninstall the app. Once you uninstall there is no way to get Spotlite...".

If that has been done because Spotify is at last going to provide an App for Surface RT/Windows 8.1 that will be great. If not I'm rueful that I'd not been made aware of this since Spotlite did permit me to listen to my Spotify playlists whilst creating documents, emailing or browsing - despite its limitations. 


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Same here, I had te reinstall my Surface Pro 3, and as a consequence I lost Spotlite 😞 ... So dear Spotify, as a long time Spotiy user I would like to know whether you are considering developing a W8/W10 touch version of the Spotify client. If not, then please reinstate access for Spotlite as it makes absolutely no sense to prevent one client application from accessing the APIs and not provide anything in return.

Many thanks for your response!

Incidentally, as long as Spotify does not offer hi-res streaming I also keep a (temporary) account with Qobuz, to ensure that I get the most out of my NAD M50 streamer. And Qobuz in fact does have a windows 8/10 Touch (Metro) version of their application that works relatively well ...


So dear Spotify ... Please please ensure that we ..


- get a touch enabled Spotify Windows 8/10 client (regardless of whether that is native or 3rd party)

- while you're at it, also please start offering hi-res streaming 🙂

I agree with you that Spotify should provide or permit access for Windows 8/10 users.
Qobuz wouldn't be for us since we're involved in Spotify Premium Family, with different accounts/playlists and different devices. Other family member devices (Windows and Apple) are OK - but our Surface isn't!

the app removal wouldn't be such a problem if spotify would just make a freaking metro app already

You're so right! Until Spotify does something themselves why don't they allow Spotlite back into the store?

Oh darn! a topic that was recently made involving Spotlite! Have been looking for this since the day it got removed, which is actually about 3 months ago.


So yeah, I'd also like Spotlite to return. Using the regular Windows version right now, not really useful at all. Texts too small and when I want to dim the screen spotify turns off.


Bring it back please.

I'm really angry that there is no good spotify app available yet. I used spotlite on my win RT-tablet, but now I can't listen to spotify while reading facebook or typing in a word document. There's a saying in dutch: "don't sell your shoes before buying new ones", exactly what has happened. Spotify removed a working app before another one is placed. It's a very bad way to treat your customers.

I agree with you completely Jeroenvtol. I think it is rather sad that Spotify apparently isn't aware that they are showing very poor customer service by their actions.

I just came back home from a week away and sadly my Spotlite wasnt working .. it kept clocking.


I went to look in Windows store and not available any longer. Sadly i went to fast and i uninstalled the App. So now i am not happy lol..

Why does this seem difficult to have a decent app for Window 8.0 or 8.1


So now i will have to go through the website that i dont like or find something else.





My Spotlite was buffering too which was why I decided to delete and then re-install the App - only to find it had disappeared from the store. 


The lack of an App for Win 8/10 users possibly shows that we are pretty low down on Spotify's priorities list !

A metro app is now unlikely due to the discontinuation of Windows RT. You should try Groove music, Rdio, or even Rhapsody because Spotify obviously does not want your service.

... which would be a bit shortsighted in Spotify's case. Windows RT may be EOL, but the Metro / Modern UI in fact is not going anywhere. If anything it will be further developed and refined. The Continuum interface in Windows 10 proves that.



What you say about Xbox music, Rdio, or  Rhapsody could well be the way forward for some others. Unfortunately, as I said in an earlier reply to WizNL (about Qobuz), we're hooked into Spotify Premium Family with different accounts/playlists, a few Apple devices and a Windows laptop which work fine. So you're right ,'Spotify obviously does want our service' even though they're being paid to provide it.

darn Spotify... I've been running this on SEVERAL accounts and Surface RT's... and a few days back Spotlite stopped being able to log in...


of course, I could use the web player - if it didn't require FLASH.


this is indeed BAD customer service, I guess we need to be looking at other options now...



Since that makes three of us who found that Spotlite had stopped working does that mean Spotify is actively disabling/blocking it?


If so, that further lowers their customer service. 

In all fairness to Spotify, I wouldn't go that far. In the various stages of the Spotify app lifecycle, new functionality is added and old functionality is sometimes removed. As a result, certain developer APIs change or disappear. Third party developers are dependent on both the agreement they have with Spotify and the functionality offered in the APIs. It could for instance very well be that Spotify did not actively prevent Spotlite from accessing the APIs but that the Spotlite developer simply did not want to invest in having to adapt Spotlite as a result of a Spotify API change. At this point, neither Spotify nor Spotlite have commented on the issue. Since I did purchase Spotlite, I for one would like to know what the reason was and whether or not we can expect a Metro/Modern UI from either party ...


@Spotify/Spotlite: Care to comment?

Hi WizNL,


What you say sounds both knowledgable and logical and could be the reason why three of us on this thread (plus others not on the forum?) couldn't get Spotlite to connect to our Spotify acounts. As someone with a very limited knowledge I couldn't comment.


Is it possible that you could post an enquiry on the Spotlite support page <> (where a number of other disappointed/frustrated App users have provided comments) and see if "

well apparently Spotify have been removing a ton of apps regarding their trademark...


either Spotlite developer is lying or Spotify did have it removed from the store... if he can't publish the app he can't update even if he wanted to if Spotify changed their API. Begs the quesiton though; why have an open API if you're not going to allow 3rd party apps and such...

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