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Your Desktop Media Player.


Your Desktop Media Player.

Desktop media Player.png


This is my current media player just for music, & music videos, i also use VLC for playing movies.

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That's a fancy skin :')


I used foobar2000 while I was on windows. It exists for Linux too (runs with Wine), but i only use it for metadata edits and file conversions now. My absolute favourite player in terms of usability.


Now that I'm on Ubuntu, my music player of choice is Audacious. It has Winamp skins included by default, but I like the GTK look more. It is ..extremely minimal-looking, but my music is ordered in folder view (!!!), it's got a basic queue feature and is very quick and light.



There's also Deadbeef, a more foobar-looking player, but the file browser plugin (a daemon rather than a plugin actually) is lacking some extremely crucial features for me.  The file browser's lacking in keyboard shortcut department. Love the spectrogram though.

If a music player doesn't order my music in folder view, i won't talk to it. : )

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