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get rid of regional recommendations, playlists?


get rid of regional recommendations, playlists?



Anyone out there knows how to selectively get rid of playlists and radio channels?

I am in south asia and don't speak any of the language. My default language is set to English.

Despite this, I am being shown CantoPoP, MandoPoP and every other pop star in and around China and Korea.


This is an irritant where I think I could get better recommendations as a Premium user.


I am new to spotify - having started to use Spotify 24x7..

I would think the app would learn from my selections, but I get these regional tagged artists/playlists etc thown at my face every single time.



Any help please?

Thanks for your time.

5 Replies

it's really annoying i don't want spotify localize my suggestions. recommandations are ridiculous and not matching with my music taste.


I'm an Indonesian, but I don't like any of Indonesian music. I only want to hear Japanese music, so please stop recommendation based on user region!

I also feel the same way, I am from the Philippines and the languages of the songs that I listen to are in English and my local language, Filipino. I have made quite a lot of playlists recently since I had a sucscription for Spotify, however I am dissapointed that when I added a song in a playlist, songs that are know locally or are mostly listened in India and are in Indian language pop-up in my recommended songs, i'm not saying I hate the music but I am unfamiliar of it and it does not appeal or is not alike to what I listen to and it prevents songs that are not in my current playlist to show in my recommnded songs and I just end up being quite mad about it because if I want a new songs I can choose a playlist where I can look up new songs in the playlist but I just hate listening to music sometimes because of this system  ASAP where Indian songs just show up. I hope Spotify could fix this because I don't understand Indian and i don't think I will listen to Indian music in the near future. No offense, I just want the best for everyone and I hope I could benefit from it too.

Hey there folks,


Thanks for posting about this here in the Community!


At the moment, it's not possible to change the region or country of suggested playlists that you see.


However, seeing recommendations from a country or region of your choosing in the app is something other Spotify users would like to see as well. In this case, we'd recommend adding your +VOTE to this idea. You can also leave your feedback in a comment to contribute to the discussion and stay updated on any news we have to pass on.


You can find more details on how your feedback reaches Spotify and how ideas get implemented here.


Keep in mind that you can always change the country registered on your Spotify account if for example you've moved and seeing content for the wrong country. There's more info about that here


Hope this helps! If there's anything else we can help with, don't hesitate to give us a shout.


Have a lovely day 🙂

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How about not offering anything and letting people pick their own music. I find it a bit offensive that, after more than four years of subscription, Spotify keeps proposing me music I have never listened to just because it's from my region. You are taking into consideration the users that love to follow trends and be taken by the hand, you might be also supporting artists and producers, but I feel like you are leaving those who just want to enjoy their music out of the algorithm. I find it odd that an option to opt out can't be implemented in the app. It's a great service, but I find this really annoying (labeling people by their origin).


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