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hate the new organization


hate the new organization

i set up my playlists so that i can find music quickly. spotify now screws that up, because it thinks that anything ive listened to is somehow top dog.  so now i have to search what i want to hear instead of just scrolling to it.
can this be fixed?  it's a nightmare for anyone who knows what they actually want to listen to. playlists are sorted alphabetically.  the chronological thing is a nightmare.


Especially when your alphabetized playlists are all **bleep** up in order apart from the chronological ordering.  Don't get why this is is a "good thing" all of a sudden?  hint: it sucks. quit it.



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Don't know exactly what you mean, you can control sorting yourself:


You can choose for custom and it will use the order you set up your self. You can configure it on the highest level and then it works for sub folders too.



here's the playlists were ordered alphabetically..but suddenly on android...i could not do so?


Yes you can,


Library-> music tab - playlist tab -> swipe down -> extra option appears to search and filter -> choose filter and sort by name

so...all of my playlists are ordered by the order in which they were played...which drives me NUTS trying to add music to other playlists...which then appear to be listed virtually randomly.

how do i get my android playlists to list alphabetically (like the desktop app) instead?  It was do-able before, but now i can't find the option?

oh, and there is no "music" tab on spotify android.


Check out this screenshot of mine:Screenshot_20190805-074856_Spotify.jpg

At the top, the playlist tab is selected. Next I swiped down and got extra options to filter and sort.

Hope this helps.



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