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I'm not sure, but- is it true that spotify free can only play playlists in shuffle mode? some of my friends can't choose songs from playlists with their phones; another group of my friends can.


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i'm not 100% sure but i think it depends on the device or whatever you're using, because i have spotify free on my student distributed laptop and it lets me choose songs. but it never let me on my phone (that's why i prefer spotify on my laptop), but i don't know, i hope i could have at least semi helped!!!

thanks!! i kinda agree 

Normally yes, but sometimes they remove that limit for a while, in hope you subscribe to Premium when they take that away.

Spotify Desktop is any form will allow you to pick and choose songs. Spotify mobile on the other hand, if you have a free account, you have to use shuffle. But like vaajy said, sometimes they give you trial periods.

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