How can I verify my Premium Family address?





The Family plan’s manager (the person who signs up for Premium Family) enters their address manually at signup.


After receiving an invite to join the plan, each Family member then has to enter the same address to join the plan.


To do this, they can use their device’s location services if at the address, or else enter it manually.




Q: My location services aren’t working when trying to verify my address.

A: It’s best to try verifying your address on a mobile device. If you’re on mobile, make sure location sharing for your device is allowed from your device’s settings.


If it’s still not working, try the following:

  • Use a different web browser
  • Use WiFi rather than a data connection
  • Make sure you’re connected to your local network (not a VPN or proxy server)

Q: How do I enter my address manually?

A: If your address doesn't autocomplete, you can enter it manually and select Find.


If you can’t find your precise address, try selecting the building number (for apartments), street name, or a close landmark (but please don't use someone else's address).


Q: How can I check the address I’ve registered on my Premium Family account?

A: If you’re the manager of a Family plan, you can view and update the address you registered from your Spotify Account page here.


If you’re a member of the Family plan, you won’t be able to see the address. You can reach out to the manager of your plan for assistance.


Q: Can I change the address registered on my Premium Family account?

A: If you move, or the wrong details were entered at signup, the plan’s manager can change the address by going to their Spotify Account page’s Family subscription tab here.


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