How do I embed music or a follow button in the Community?

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Community Manager



Here are instructions for including playlists, albums, tracks, or a follow button in the Community. 


First, you'll need to get a Spotify URI.


How to embed a playlist, album or track in your post


  • Start a new topic or reply
  • Click the Insert link button
  • Paste a Spotify URI (See above)
  • Optional: directly after the URI you just pasted, type :small without the quotation marks
  • Click OK


How to embed a follow button (for you or your favorite artist) in your signature


  • In the Spotify client, click on your name (top right)
  • In the main section, right-click on your username, just below where it says USER
  • Click 'Copy Spotify URI'
  • Come back here to the Community and log in
  • At the top of the Community, click on My Settings
  • Go to Personal Information
  • In the Signature field enter the following:
    <a href="SpotifyURI">Follow me</a>
    (Where Spotify URI is what you just copied. It looks something like spotify:user:usernamehere)
  • Click Save

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