Idea Exchange: How can I submit an idea?


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The Idea Exchange is one of the most active areas of the Spotify Community.


This is a place where Spotify users can share their feedback in the form of ideas, to improve the Spotify experience for everyone. Every user can suggest an idea or show their support for an existing one by voting for it!


Here’s a quick guide on how to go about submitting an idea in the Idea Exchange.


How do I know if the idea already exists?

You can check this by having a quick search in the Community here. If you find a similar idea, you can just add your vote!


> Tip: Make sure to use keywords when searching for ideas. For example, if you have an idea around 'making it possible to play Spotify on multiple speakers at the same time, from one account' enter just a few keywords, like “multiple speakers account".

How do I submit my idea?

If you’ve searched for a similar idea and you can’t find anything in the Idea Exchange, you can go ahead and submit your idea! Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click on ‘Continue and Post’.


How do I write an idea?

Your idea will have a title and a body. Write a title that describes your idea in a simple way. You can explain your idea in more detail in the main body.


> Tip: Don’t forget that you will also have to convince your fellow users that yours is a good idea worth voting for. With this in mind, here’s an example of an idea which gets it right:


1. The heading has a clear call to action and has a tag [in square brackets]

2. The first half of the body describes the current behaviour of the app

3. The second half of the body makes a clear suggestion for improvement


What's next?

Once you click on the "Post" button, your idea will be submitted. You can read more about what happens to your idea after it’s submitted here.


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- A big shout-out to Star @Jose_M for writing this original article!