My Wrapped experience/Wrapped playlist is wrong. Can you change it?



We are aware that some folks are not seeing all the tunes they were expecting to find in their personal Top Songs of the year playlists.


There are a couple of reasons why you may be seeing unexpected content, for example:


  • If you listen with friends
  • If you leave Spotify playing in the background without noticing what's currently playing
  • If you've left your account playing during a party and people have added tracks to the queue
  • If you use the sleep timer or alarm feature
  • If you have a household with a smart speaker that's connected to Spotify and multiple people from your home play music from it
  • If you've listened to recommended songs through Autoplay or Discover Weekly 
  • If our Customer Support team helped transfer your data to a new account, your listening history will have been reset 
  • On Android, Wrapped stories are cached. This means that if someone views their stories, logs out, and then another user logs in on the same device/app, they'll see the first user's Wrapped stories


While we’re unable to update your stats or playlists since it’s based on your account's listening history, rest assured that we're passing feedback along to the right teams. We're working on improving the experience each year.



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