What is a Spotify Group Session?




When people living together can’t agree on what to play next on Spotify, the group session feature might help restore the peace at home. A group session lets everyone pick a track by adding it to a main queue on the device initiating the session. 



Who can make use of group sessions?

Anyone on a Premium plan using mobile or tablet.     

How to start a group session? 

To start a session you need to first tap on the Now Playing bar at the bottom of the screen.





Then tap on the icon Ivan_1-1596010241296.png 




Find the sharing code under Start a group session.  





A friend can now scan this code from their device by tapping on SCAN TO JOIN and pointing their camera at the code on your device.  




How to quit a group session?

You can quit a group session in two ways - end it or leave it. 


To leave a group session, tap LEAVE SESSION under In a group session





If the music’s playing from your device, tap END SESSION to end the group session.






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