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3rd party access

3rd party access

Hi! With the new Spotify conditions restricting 3rd party apps I am seriously considering changing from Spotify to another streaming platform. 
This because I’m a musician and love to be able to use apps like ASD (Amazing Slow Downer) and other noteapps to make my life a little easier when practicing. 
Now I can’t use these applications anymore and that sucks so much. I hope Spotify will change their minds about this because it feels quite sad to leave all the playlists and songs I’ve gathered through the years but I’m desperate. 

8 Replies

Yeah please reconsider.  You dont know how much this decision affect musicians

I also consider switching to another company. I used Spotify with „Amazing SlowDowner“ fpr iOS for years to practise music on slower tempos and just found out that my playlists have disappeared from the App without notice. „Apple music“ will do the trick perfectly, I suppose. I sometimes wonder what leads companies to questionable decisions like that. But if You desperately want to loose customers, I can‘t really help it.

I’m in the same boat. In our subscription, two of us are serious musicians who use Amazing Slow Downer with Spotify to work on songs for our ensembles. Without this functionality, we will move to a different music service.

I agree - very sad and will be looking for other streaming service or YouTube as an alternative if there is no resolution 😞 

I’m curious - which other note taking apps were you using? 😍

I mostly use forscore to keep my notes in, I also use a tuner and a guitar application for when I’m feeling jazzy and play some blues.

I hope these counts as note apps a better word would have been music apps😅 

Yeah I started using Boom, bought a lifetime subscription and then a month later 3rd part support was axed. Whyyyyyyyyy? Considering other options now because as a musician and just an audio nerd, once you get use to having sonic control it's just pain to go back.

Spotify should listen to their musician customers who are using apps like Amazing Slow Downer. Hopefully they will care to the Voice Of Customer

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