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403 only on /v1/playlists/

403 only on /v1/playlists/




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A few days ago endpoint /v1/playlists/ started returning 403 with the error "Spotify is unavailable in this country" on my home server. This error occurs only on this endpoint, on all other endpoints like /v1/tracks/ or /v1/playlists/.../tracks there is no such issue, i.e. only the method of getting basic playlist information is affected. I use Spotify to run my Discord bot and all I need is to get basic track or playlist information and even though I pay for Spotify with my European card, my server is at my home (literally Raspberry Pi) where the service is not available, but still the API works. At least it did... Is this just a bug on one of the endpoints, or will it affect all other API methods soon? 

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You can try to specify a market where Spotify is available when requesting a playlist (and with other API where you can specify it).

Already tried, still 403

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