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API - Local Files

API - Local Files

Hi Spotify,


I'm trying to find out how the local files are stored. How can I move these files (that are in "Local files" within Spotify) to a playlist. In the API I can add songs to a playlist, but there's no description for local files.


I'd love to hear from you guys!




Tim Brand

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I just found this:


It is not currently possible to add local files to playlists using the Web API, but they can be reordered or removed. The latter should be done by specifying the index and snapshot_id, and NOT the URI of the track.

Does this mean I can reorder the Local Files folder within Spotify? Or is this for reordering actual playlists that contain local files..?

Hi @tim-brand!


Unfortunately it's not possible yet to add local files to a new playlist programmatically, or to manage playlist folders. You can use the API to change the order of tracks that are already in a playlist.

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