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[API] No way to search tag:new with genre

[API] No way to search tag:new with genre


I don’t believe there is any current, possible way to search for new or low-popularity albums by genre (tag:new, tag:hipster). This is a feature that I believe the API really needs.


It doesn’t really seem to make sense to search for new albums in the past two weeks without any additional filtering capability. 


Here is the excerpt from the docs for /search:
The genre
 filter can be used while searching artists and tracks.
The upc, tag:new and tag:hipster filters can only be used while searching albums. The tag:new filter will return albums released in the past two weeks and tag:hipster can be used to return only albums with the lowest 10% popularity.

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That sounds like a good idea!

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I’ve submitted an idea for this. 

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