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API: Number of Streams for a Track

API: Number of Streams for a Track




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I do not see any API commands to retrieve a track's total number of streams. BUT I am finding other third-party APIs and websites that can deliver number of streams. How are they doing this, if not the API?

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Can you give us an example of such app/API? The closest we could find on our public API is the 'popularity' field. is one website that can find songs with low or no listens. I cannot find a way to recreate this in the API

Is there any more information on this issue? I am having the same problem.

Is there any answer about it?  I have the same question. have those numbers too.

Dude I need this feature so bad. It's driving me crazy, I don't care about the popularity rating of songs. Why can I see the number of plays of a song in the desktop application but can't get it in the API??????


Do you know how much work this feature would alleviate from my playlist making? WEEKS to MONTHS.


Please please please implement this it would be so cool, I could make playlists with the snap of my fingers instead of slaving away to find it in the desktop application :'''''' (

Found this API that does the trick and returns streams / play counts for a given track:

This API uses a spotify track uri as input so the streams amount data should also be available without the use of this API right?


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