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API /views endpoint unauthorized discover playlists

API /views endpoint unauthorized discover playlists


I'm currently developing an app where I want to get the user's discover playlists. I did it by searching the user's library by name. The problems with this approach are: If you follow multiple lets say "Discover Weekly" playlists, they are indistinguishable. And second, the user must follow their discover playlists in order for them to be found and displayed by my app.


To solve this, I had a look at how the Spotify Web Player does this.

It uses the "/views/discover-page" endpoint. Specifically "" for the discover playlists.

Unfortunately, when I try to make a request to this endpoint, I get a 401 Unauthorized response.


Is there any way I can still achieve this? Please help.

Thanks in advance


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Hey there, this is still a problem. I'd be very happy to get some feedback.


I just came across another endpoint "/views/recently-played" that returns the recently played playlists. The Web API to which we have access only provides the recently played tracks. If I want to get the recently played playlists, I have to query the tracks and get their playlists. (Depending on the playing history, this can take quite long.)

EDIT: I just had to find out that the play history only contains up to 50 tracks. So it might not even be possible to retrieve more than one playlist recently listened to, depending on the play history. 😞

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