Accessing audio streams for audio DSP processing

Accessing audio streams for audio DSP processing



I have developed an audio DSP algorithm for enhancing audio for the hearing impaired.  The feedback I've had so far is that it greatly improves the experience for listeners.

I'm exploring the possibilities of extending the reach of the algorithm into streaming audio platforms.

For this algorithm I need access to the raw audio stream (PCM or similar) and the ability to insert (plugin) the algorithm before the audio is delivered to the listener.

Is this possible via Spotify, either via a plugin programme within Spotify or via external app?

Appreciate any responses, and yes I am aware of the unlikely possibility of this due to copyright issues associated with raw data music access, but since it is possible with iTunes music (stored locally) I am exploring streaming options.



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Hi, I'm interesting doing the same things, is there any news for the topic?

Thanks 🙂

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