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I would love to see a New Releases endpoint added, that provides all albums/tracks from artists a user is following sorted by release date. It would be great if this could support pagination too, and if it was infinite, we could just keep scrolling back in time.


For now, I'll keep sending 6 requests to fetch my 269 artists ids, and then 269 requests to fetch their albums/singles (limit, probably will up from 20 to maximum since albums come first, and then singles, because if an artist has 20 albums I would miss all the singles). Or, I could send 538 requests, two for each artist, one to get the albums (limit like 2-3 since albums aren't released very often), and then another for singles (limit like 5-10; since sometimes artists release a bunch of remixes in their own album).


Or, if you added a dedicated endpoint, I could send like, 1 request, and then another to load some more.


Thanks for reading.

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I've made a similar project to what you did, and yeah I totally get what you're saying and it is frustrating, to say the least. Not only your app is slow because of the rate limit, but also Spotify's resources are being wasted.

I published a similar idea to this problem, I would appreciate you to read it and like it if you want. That's the only way we can get "heard". 


Yea it would be great if these recommendations at least for a developers acknowledgement.

The thing is, I know this is possible for them to implement, as (a) we have Release Radar playlist (albeit doesn't include every new release, and for some reason has tracks from artists I'm not even following) and (b) in the Spotify Cosmos API (I think it's proprietary) has a way to grab the latest release for an artist. So, even if they just added an endpoint like, "/artists/<id>/latest-release" - it would help the development community out a lot! I'd still have to send N requests where N is equal to the number of artists followed, but it would be a lot more robust than what I'm currently doing with manually filtering after fetching all releases per artist.

So I was hoping maybe the developers section of this forum is a bit more active.

I don't think they will ever address this issue here, unfortunately.

Hey folks, thanks for coming to the Community!


Hmm, sounds like a good idea. If this is something you'd like to see, I recommend creating a new idea on the Ideas board, be sure to add the 'Developer'-tag to your idea. That's the best way to get your feedback to the right teams at Spotify.

Feel free to give me a shout, if you have any questions!


Have a good one,


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