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Adding scope to Client credentials calls

Adding scope to Client credentials calls


I'm sending request with Client credentials according to instructions. I get my Bearer token and this works with some endpoints. When I'm trying to send requests to some Spotify API endpoints I'm getting 403 e.g. post for creating a playlist, or even on retrieving info about my self get request on /me endpoint. Token worked with get album for example, so I have confirmation that token is generating properly.

I assume that it has some low access rights and where is my question is there a way to add scope for the token like in Authorization code + PKCE extension method?

I don't have an app I just wanted to send some requests by beckend for my own use and other ways for authentication seems impossible in this case. Is it even possible to authenticate with Client credentials to have access to all endpoints and methods?



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"Since [the Client Credentials] flow does not include authorization, only endpoints that do not access user information can be accessed."

This means you can not use scopes!

If you want to do this, you need to use the Authorization Code Flow.

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