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Android QuickStart Guide - authorization view not showing up

Android QuickStart Guide - authorization view not showing up






Pixel 4 API 30 (emulator)


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I am trying to create a simple Android app that can connect to Spotify to control music playback. From what I have read, the SpotifyAppRemote API is perfect for this. I am following the instructions in the quick start guide exactly. However, when I try to run the application, I get a message saying 


"message":"Explicit user authorization is required to use Spotify. The user has to complete the auth-flow to allow the app to use Spotify on their behalf"


From the guide, the ".showAuthView(true)" statement should make a window pop up and allow the user to log in and authorize the application. However, this window never pops up so the authentication never occurrs. 


Can someone please help me understand what is going on? I have followed every instruction on the quick start guide.


Thank you.

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Hey! Two things to check:


- Replace the CLIENT_ID and REDIRECT_URI constants with your own values.


- Don't forget to add your REDIRECT_URI value to the "Redirect URIs" list in your app settings, as stated in the "Register your App" section from the guide.


Hope it helps!


I have been suddenly  experiencing the same issue, after months of clean authentication!

Anyone found a solution?

When I double check my SHA key and package name from application dashboard I saw that it was wrong SHA key and I updated SHA-1 Key from application dashboard > Edit Settings > Android Packages section. It worked for me.  

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