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Approval delay for Quota extension

Approval delay for Quota extension

Hello there,


What is the current delay for Quota extension approval ?


I submitted the request 7 days ago and the "Login with Spotify" is on our site for your validation process.

But because we are still in development mode, users try to login but they got an error as we are still in development mode on Spotify side.



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After clicking “Request Extension”, you can read: “We will process your request within six weeks, but may take longer during peak periods.”



We got rejected today, but I cant understand the reason. Could someone at Spotify team contact us by email with more details ?

Our app ID is ccf4e637c17346b5aea9f9f4f6807dfd

Spotify employees will sometimes answer questions on here.

You can help them answering your question by telling what your app does, it's functionalities and features. And maybe, if there's a reason in the mail you've received, include it also.


Also, I recommend you to have a read through the three policies linked in this blogpost. Lastly you can have a look at the Design Guidelines.

This is not an app, this this a feature for our website.

We get all artists liked by user on Spotify, then we match the list with our internal artists database (we are a major concert hall in France).

Then the liked artists and events are highlighted in lists on our site.

This kind of feature already exists in our concurrents.

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