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Artist API returns different artist_id from the queried artist_id.

Artist API returns different artist_id from the queried artist_id.

I'm calling Artist API using the following artist_id to get artists information.





"external_urls": {
"followers": {
"genres": [],
"href": "",
"id": "7nKeWYmsFHV4i41qCvsat5",
"images": [
"name": "...",
"popularity": ...,
"type": "...",
"uri": "spotify:artist:7nKeWYmsFHV4i41qCvsat5"



I used the artist_id="2E7KGbjZWrHYWD256VO4x4", but Artist API returns artist_id="7nKeWYmsFHV4i41qCvsat5".

(There are other examples like this: artist_id="6Mg5IYLrkIEZGl8cUpXSim" )



  • In Spotify database, does an artist have more than one artist_id?
  • If so, what is the relationship between the ids of the same artist?
    I'm guessing is the case.
    Case A: Key id and others
    Case B: Ordered like primary, secondary, tertiary ...
  • Is there any way to find out the key artist_id or related artist_ids?


Best regards from Yokohama


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Hey @ezeroms, thanks for posting here!

Good spot! - There's some more information about this here: Let me know if you have any questions about this!


Have a good one,


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Hi @Hubo , Thanks for the great advice!


I looked at the page you gave me and learned about Track Relinking. Thanks 🙂

If the problem is about "track_id", I can understand.

But the problem I'm having is with "artist_id".

like track_id, artist_id has different instances that are used for different markets?

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