Audio Features Endpoint not working in app

Audio Features Endpoint not working in app





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Windows 10


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I am trying to hit the audio features endpoint for several tracks, however I am not getting anything back when I hit the endpoint from my app. I was getting a 401 error before but now only the headers are coming back. In my app, I am also using the getSeveralPlaylists and getPlaylistItems endpoints, which sends back the correct response. 


Also, I am using a refresh token to get a access token on every request. When I auth'd originally using the web-auth-examples repo, I included every scope offered in the docs. Have been printing out my url, and lined it up with the url sent in dev console. When I hit the endpoint in postman, eveything works fine with the corrected output, but only in my app nothing comes back.


I am using nextJs, so my frontend is calling my nextJs backend which calls the spotify web apis. In my backend, I have been using const response = await getAudioFeatures() and then { items } = response.json(). This has worked for the other endpoints above. The error that comes up is response.json() is not a function since there are no items in the response (undefined).


Thanks for all your help! Setup in my app is below.


Current setup in app (similar setup with all routes):

export const getAudioFeatures = async (ids=> {
    const { access_token } = await getAccessToken();
    return fetch(`${GET_AUDIO_FEATURES_ENDPOINT}?ids=${ids}`), {
        headers: {
            "Authorization": `Bearer ${access_token}`



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