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[BUG]: API Pagination next cursor and totals are wrong

[BUG]: API Pagination next cursor and totals are wrong

Dear Support,

there's an ongoing issue for a really long time, people keep reporting this and you guys close those as fixed every time (I saw many archive topics about this), but this is still a huge bug and issue.


Take a look at the attached screenshot.

According to your documentation:

next: URL to the next page of items. ( null if none)


But I get next with a string value even if there's no more pages.

Also in these cases usually the `total` value is also wrong, so there's something with your pagination logic.


As you can see on the screenshot everything is wrong in the response. Totals are wrong, items are empty (according to the total there should be even more), and the next should be null.


curl --request GET \
--url '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxx'


Can you please take a look and fix it? It's literally impossible to tell if I could list each albums of an artist or it was just a mistake in the API response.


This is happening with each endpoints, not with the artist/albums endpoint only. 


This is very critical to us, please prioritize this task since pagination is an essential part is this is breaking the whole API integrity right now. 


Thank you!





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