Bad gateway


This is a really finicky error, and wondering if anyone else has seen it, and how to deal with it.


For me, it's easily recreatable when flipping between the ios spotify app, and the web based browser application.


For instance, when initially authorizing the app via the Spotify API either by desktop or spotify app I will be prompted with 0 devices available to use.


Then, when opening the desktop spotify application and engaging it for a second, I will be promoted with, Web Chrome Available. This makes sense so far.


Now, If I use the play function for this device it will almost certainly work. Here's where it gets haywire. Next I will open my phone and engage spotify through the mobile app, It will get let me know that the phone app is now ready to go as well and  the desktop has now been deactivated. Which makes perfect sense. Everything so far.



But, now, 99% of the time when I try to use the phone device to play a song it will respond with Bad gateway.

Its like spotify is holding some session that is different than my initial request from the desktop application. This as you can imagine is creating a beautiful mess for the user experience. Has anyone seen this, any steps you took to rectify it. 


Also, when it does say "Bad Gateway" if I go over to the app in the phone, after I get the error, the song I was trying to get to start playing will actually start playing. So spotify did get the request they know the request but are not playing it until I open the app. How weird is this?

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