Confused about options for an embedded project


Confused about options for an embedded project




here's the embedded project description:

- AndroidOSP 10

- It will be Alexa certified

- An app running in kiosk mode, full screen


I'd like to get spotify on the device and am confused about options.

1. In order to get music played on the device through alexa, do I need to add a spotify option to alexa certification or do I need to get the device spotify certified and run the spotify Embedded SDK ? Or both?


2. if I want to have a sort of widget in my android app to control spotify, will this widget be spotify connect? If so is it connected to the spotify servers only or is it interacting locally with the local playback?


3. is it better to use spotify embedded SDK or rely on alexa? or is it that any playback is done through embedded SDK anyway?


I read the spotify hardware use cases white papers but it seems my project is kind of a mix between the embedded use case and the voice use case ...


thanks for your help ...

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