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[Connect] Give private API access

[Connect] Give private API access

For the longest time, the Spotify community has been enslaved to the tyrannical reign of being the only consistent stat tracking platform. Instead of having an accurate tracking service with insightful resources, we are locked out of even the most rudimentary music statistics by cynical subscription models and painstakingly vague reports. But fear not, a heavenly force has finally graced us. I'd like to introduce you to, now with all the features you could have ever dreamt of; historical listening data, detailed day-by-day reports, insightful user profiles, an amazing development team working hard to add new features and so much more. But there is only one problem... due to Spotify's reluctance to give them access to their private API, we are forcibly bound by their oppressive rate limits and quite heinous limitations. Plagued with tracking issues, Spotify's negligence to maintaining their public API has singlehandedly stifled the progression of this platform and killed off the competition. This has excised all choice from us and I will not stand for such a disparity. Stand with me people! #freestatsfm!!!


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