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Creating an app allowing to easily add songs as a party guest

Creating an app allowing to easily add songs as a party guest





Imagine a party. Typically, the host of the party is creating a playlist beforehand or a party guest can add their song wishes by using the party hosts device, where the Spotify app is installed on (e.g. laptop, smartphone). It would be much simpler, if a party guest could just use their own smartphone to search for and add a song to the playlist. Sure, Spotify provides shared playlists, but each party guest is required to have set up a Spotify accound and to have the Spotify app installed. Therefore, I'd like to create a server app set up by the party host, connected to the Spotify Web API, providing a web interface, such that a party guest can simply use this interface to add songs to the party host's playlist, thus not requiring any registration or having the Spotify app installed.




While I have no concerns regarding my use case when reading the Spotify Developer Policy (, I'm not so sure my application complies with the Spotify Developer Terms ( There,  "Approved Devices means only desktop computers, laptops, netbook PCs, tablets, mobile, and such other devices that we approve in writing from time to time." does not include server hardware.


Furthermore, my idea was to make the source code of my application available to the public, such that everyone, who will be the host of a party can set up its own instance of the server application, i.e. the host would be required to be Spotify Premium Member and register their "copy" of the application in the Spotify Developer Dashboard. Furthermore, as the server application would be self-hosted, every party host would need to register a valid Redirect URI in the dashboard (since the party host needs to login, such that the app can access their playlist). Thus, the setup would unfortunately require some effort. Do you see a better way to achieve a self-hosting solution, assuming the application complies with the Spotify Developer Policy and Terms?

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Why wouldn't you just deploy it to an AWS EC2? AWS has free tier and you can cap the capacity so that you don't have to pay. If you see that demand > than free capacity, maybe you can start charging.

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