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Developer API | Pricing | Quota | Legalities

Developer API | Pricing | Quota | Legalities


I am creating a platform for Indi Artists in our Local Language and I am creating an app for it. Can I use the Spotify API to add tracks from Spotify in that language so that my users can listen to them on my app?

Is there a usage quota? My app will be commercial (ad supported). What is the Spotify API pricing policy?

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Our APIs are available to anyone free of charge. As for commercial usage and your use case you should become familiar with our Developer Policy, Complying with Spotify's Developer Policy, and our Developer Terms.


The "Special Considerations for Streaming" section, along with the Comercial Use section provides some clarity.

Hello there! 

I am building apps for radio stations, and I want to use the Cover Art API commercially.

What is the pricing of it?

Can someome advice please?

I want to create an app that allows users to play songs from Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple music. Is it allowed by Spotify?

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