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Developer Dashboard missing features for my account

Developer Dashboard missing features for my account

This is what mine looks like:


Specifically, I need to be able to add test users so I can test out my app! But it looks like it's missing the ability to do so.


I am using an older account where I'm logging in with my Spotify Username and I'm assuming that might be part of the problem.


Is it possible to do something so my dashboard so it's updated to the new style?


Thank you!

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If anyone else runs into this later, it's a web browser cache issue. Clearing it would fix this.

Sorry for being late to the party, but yes you are absolutely correct. If the "Users & Access" button does not show up you will need to clear the cache.

Anyone still having this issue? I cleared my cache and still no "users and access" button. Even on mobile when I go to, it is not there. I'm trying to test my app with other users atm, so any help would be appreciated!!!

We have rolled out a fix that should address this issue, please have another look and let me know if the issue still persists. 

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