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Embed spotify for website but with different styling.

Embed spotify for website but with different styling.

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Hello, I need to create a popup web player for spotify in our website, but unfortunately the requirements need some unique design for the spotify embed player. The <iframe> isn't capable of injecting css into because it's a cross domain. 

I would like to know is if there are any approach that I could use to play playlist that doesn't need the client or end users to login before playing playlist/tracks? Also, it doesn't have to play full tracks, just like what the spotify embed does. 


Here are are requirements that I need to achieve: Play button, next/previous button feature, shuffle button feature, play playlist/track (not podcast), and be able to design the UI of the web player.


Thank you.  

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Deprecation of the Spotify Follow Button

The Follow Button enables developers to embed functionality to follow artists or users directly on their website.


Multiple factors have contributed to this deprecation, mainly:

  • Minimal usage - the Spotify Follow Button accounts for less than 0.1% of all followers for any given artist on the platform.
  • Passive user experience - when users click the follow button, there is little indication that they have completed the action and it does not encourage users to further engage with artists.

As an alternative to the Spotify Follow Button, we recommend linking directly to an artist page using HTML or building similar functionality using the Follow API and Library API, enabling more use cases such as following playlists and saving albums, podcasts, and episodes to the user’s library.

You should take steps now to remove the Follow Button HTML code from any websites or blogs where you have added it.

Any Follow Buttons embedded on your website will be hidden from view.

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