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Error trying to refresh the access token

Error trying to refresh the access token

Hi, I am currently developing a mobile application that uses Spotify integration, as you may know when authenticating with spotify we receive an access token and a refresh token, the first one expires after an hour and the second one is used to request a new token.


From my mobile application I request the user to give me permissions to his spotify account, therefore, he enters his credentials and I receive the access token, refresh token and calculate at the time it will expire. These values are stored in my database in a secure way and are associated to the user, also they are used by my backend where I have a scheduled task that is responsible for automatically refresh the access tokens in case they are close to expire, to achieve this I must use the refresh token and the request responsible for doing so sometimes responds with these errors 500:


- Failed to remove token


Therefore, the refresh token is revoked and my scheduled task cannot update the access token anymore.


Does anyone know why these errors occur?


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