Feature Request: PubSub instead of Polling

Feature Request: PubSub instead of Polling

It would really simplify a lot of app logic to be able to register to a publishing server. Ideally the server would dispatch events to clients registered for the information relevant to them. Events such as user play/pause, FF/RW, adding tracks to playlists, etc. It would cut down a lot on extraneous API calls to sync data locally with the server data if they use controls outside of our app.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I will share it with other members of the team. Would you be able to tell us more about the use case in the app that you are building? What does your app do?

This or websockets would be incredibly useful.


How is Discord connected to the current player state on any device? Maybe it would be helpful to share this with the developer community so we can build better apps.

Basically I want to create a small interface panel for XFCE that is able to contain artist, title, position, and the major player controls like fast-forward, rewind, pause and volume. I would like it to be updated near immediately to improve user experience rather than having to delay polling by several seconds so as not have to worry about API limits if such a panel were widely distributed.

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