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[Feature Request] Stats API | Spotify For Artists

[Feature Request] Stats API | Spotify For Artists

Currently Spotify For Artists has a limited attribution model that makes it very hard to determine what traffic sources/ads are performing the best and getting the cheapest cost per result.(, save,playlist additions, follows.).  Furthermore, in its current form automatically creating reports and tracking stats from Spotify is also very limited and hindering. 

An ideal solution to these problems would be to implement an API that communicates not only stats on an hourly basis for every single metric, but also provides statistics on the origin of the results, through query string tracking as well as event tracking. 


Personally it is my opinion that if Spotify were to give Artists this data it would make the job of getting them proper exposure, much more efficient and in most cases cost effective. 

The fact that we can't even query the current data from Spotify For Artists stats programmaticly is a true hindrance in being able to sift through the data to spot trends.

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