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Generate playlists based on the artists I follow

Generate playlists based on the artists I follow

Hi Together,

this is just a random suggestion from a Spotify listener. Every now and then it happens that I discover new artists because I particularly like a song. If I then listen to 2-3 songs and find that I like the artist in principle, then I usually do two things: First I follow the artist and then I take me firmly to listen to the albums in peace. The latter then happens about never.
For me it would be great if I had access to an artist radio that randomly plays songs of all artists I follow. And only from those artists I follow and no other artists I don't really want to listen to.
This way I would have the opportunity to listen to artists I have been following for a while in the context of other artists I follow as well. And without having to choose or select the songs for them beforehand.

I look forward to hearing back!

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That sounds like a good idea!

Please add your idea to our Idea Exchange, so people may vote on it, and it could be implemented!

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