Generated playlist isn't shown immediately

Generated playlist isn't shown immediately

Operating System

iOS 14 & Windows 10 


My Question or Issue

I've made a web app that generates playlists with only songs the user hasn't listened to before.


The problem: When the app sends the user to the generated playlist (via a Spotify URI) there sometimes is a delay until Spotify shows it (during which Spotify shows the loading screen). And if I don't set a timeout before the app opens the playlist Spotify can't even find it. 


This isn't an issue when my app opens the link in the browser ( — then Spotify shows the playlist immediately. But it's a problem both on the desktop and mobile Spotify app. 


I've experimented with several timeout schemes and tried to do different things to the playlist (such as changing the description, or using the API endpoint "get playlist tracks") before I send the user to it. Hasn't solved the problem. 


Can someone explain why the Spotify app is doing this? And if a potential solution exists? Thanks! 

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