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Get Currently Playing Track

Get Currently Playing Track

Hi, I have recently started using the spotify developer api. I have experimented with

To use the endpoint I generated a temporary token using the "Get Token" button to test out the endpoint. After creating an app in the dashboard section and obtaining the token I would test the endpoint again only to get this error:

  "error": {
    "status": 404,
    "message": "Invalid username"

How do I specify the user to get currently playing track from? I tried things like ?user="username" but It still gave the same error

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Sorry for my late response. I'm currently the only one who's answering questions on this board.

I haven't seen that error before. The Get Currently Playing Track endpoint doesn't need a username.

Note: You have to implement the Authorization Code Flow first to get access tokens. The access token from the console are for testing purposes in that console only.

How can I get the currently playing with the token of an application?

I don't want to use the console token, I want to use the token from my application to get the currently playing track

Like I said in my Note: You have to implement the Authorization Code Flow to get access tokens for your app.

What programming language are you currently using? Maybe there is a Web API Wrapper in that language that can make things a lot easier.

I am using python

Then I recommend you to use the python module spotipy. You can find its documentation here.

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