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Getting 500 for WebAPI /v1/me/albums - even on documentation dashboard

Getting 500 for WebAPI /v1/me/albums - even on documentation dashboard








Dell Inc. Precision 5560


Operating System

Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS


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Hey there!

I'm consistently getting 500 errors for the endpoint /v1/me/albums. It doesn't happen in other endpoints of the WebAPI. This happens even when I try it out on the documentation sample.

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It seems the issue only happens to my own account. I do have a rather massive album library (last time I was able to check I had over 90k saved). I wonder if that's the reason why I'm having trouble with this request. Is there any hard limits for how many albums I can have saved?

It's been a week and it keeps happening. Since it doesn't happen in any other endpoints, and it doesn't seem to be happening to other people, I believe it has indeed to do with the size of my albums library. I have ordered my data from Spotify's account to check how many albums I currently have saved. When I get it, I'll try and remove some albums until the endpoint works.

It's a pain, because I use this endpoint to manage my entire library, create playlists, etc. I turned to it because the app, the desktop client and the web app all malfunction when loading the albums. Apparently there is some kind of hard limit for how many albums can be saved, but it's not stated anywhere, nor am I limited when saving new albums.


Ok, so I did get my data from Spotify, and I had 101172 albums saved. I tried removing albums - over 2000, which would bring me below the 99373 that I had managed to get from the endpoint before October - but it didn't work. I tried with other accounts from my family plan, and indeed it seems to be an issue specifically with my account. Maybe it was flagged as spam because of the large number of albums, but it's impossible to know.


The 500 code seems to be happening now also in the saved tracks endpoint. But there I managed to remove enough tracks to get it to work. For future reference: if you have over 25k liked tracks, the endpoint doesn't work anymore.


My current plan is to work with the data that Spotify sends me, and wait until this endpoint is working again.

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