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I am a first year high school, computer science teacher. I teach a course called Programming for Problem Solving. I want to show my students Spotify Wrapped. I want to show them APIs, especially the Spotify API. I want my students to create a playlist that incorporates all their Spotify Wrapped Playlists and creates a playlist with songs that only appeared in all of them. How can they do this? Can they use the Spotify API in CodeHS? Or would they need to code it in lie Visual Studio Code? What steps need to be taken in order to accomplish this?

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One problem is that everyone has the same web address (URI) for their personal Top 100 playlist. As a result, the API only fetches the version of that playlist for the user who's logged in using the Authorization Code flow. In my opinion, this might make this project a bit too challenging for first-year high school students.

For playlists that are made by them and are publicly displayed at the user's profile, you can use Client Credentials. That is a lot easier.

Your students can copy the Wrapped playlists to an other playlist using Add to another playlist function, accessable through the tree-dots-menu of the playlist. Then they need to add the destination playlist to their profile. After that, they can use Client Credentials to get the playlist info (also the info from the playlists of the other students that are added to their profile.)

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