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Google nest skipping podcast episodes

Google nest skipping podcast episodes

Plan: Premium

Country: Taiwan


Device: iPhone SE2 & Macbook M1 


My Question or Issue

This issue has existed since last night. Whenever I try to cast my Spotify podcast to Google Mini, the podcast episode keeps skipping to the next 4-5 episodes. Also, Google Mini muted at approximately the 10th second when playing podcasts. Casting Spotify songs or playlists to Google Mini worked fine.

I tried rebooting Google Mini and updating Spotify apps on my iPhone or Macbook, but none of them could fix the problem. Please help me play podcast episodes successfully, thanks!

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Hiya imtinahsieh, sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues while casting your Spotify podcast to Google Mini. Here are a few troubleshooting steps that you can try:

  1. Clear cache: Clear the cache data from both the Spotify and Google Home apps. This can be done by going to Settings > Apps > Spotify/Google Home > Storage > Clear cache.

  2. Restart devices: Restart both your Google Mini and your device that you are using to cast the podcast.

  3. Check for updates: Make sure that both your Spotify and Google Home apps are up to date. You can check for updates in the App Store/Google Play Store.

  4. Try a different podcast: If the issue persists, try casting a different podcast to your Google Mini to see if the issue is with a specific podcast or the casting process in general.

Hopefully one of those steps does the trick,


-Prague the Dog

I have a similar problem. But It happens only for long podcasts (i use it for white noise for my baby) after about 2 or 3  hours it skips to a random podcasts (and wakes my kid up) 

I have it on a google mini, via the google home set up and use the app on my iphone 11. 

I've updated the spotify app to the latest, and my iOS is

Howldy M-Ray!

I suggest creating a playlist with your favorite white noise sounds, ensure you do not have the two shuffle settings on nor the enhanced playlist setting. That’ll allow you to have nonstop white noise without it switching to something else. Some podcasts do produce ads even if you are a premium member so just be weary of that, you may have to find some white noise songs instead of podcasts if you run into that issue.

I’ll be barking up the wrong tree without any updates on your situation!


-Prague the Dog

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