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How I can ask to check/unban my server IP from Spotify?

How I can ask to check/unban my server IP from Spotify?






Operating System

Linux debian 11.

My Question or Issue

I think my IP is blocked when I request a data from my server. I've got 403 err. How I can ask to Spotify directly to unban my IP?

4 Replies

Hi Thomas,


I don't think your IP is blocked.
Please comment with your code, and I will look if there is an error in it.
You can insert a code sample by first clicking on ... (next to the camera icon), and then by clicking on </>.


Error 403 means Bad OAuth request (wrong consumer key, bad nonce, expired timestamp...).

A common mistake it trying to use Client Credentials when authorization is required, resulting in an error code you've got.

To use functions like searching  for a song, you can use Client Credentials. Because some endpoints access user information, this isn't sufficient.

To make it work, you will need to implement another OAuth flow.

You can choose between the Authorization code if you want to run your code on a back-ed server, or Authorization code with PKCE extension if you want to run the code fully in your browser. In your case, You can use all endpoints with this flow (with the required scopes specified) and I recommend not mixing flows.

To check if your IP is blocked, follow the Getting started with Web API guide.


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