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How Much is Possible Currently? (Features)

How Much is Possible Currently? (Features)

I am new to this, but assume it would be feasible to support all (or most?) of the following features on an app (iOS & Android) for Spotify users on free accounts. Please provide some true and false feedback for each assumption.
An app can:
  1. Select a playlist
  2. Set playlist to play from beginning (shuffle or non-shuffle mode*)
  3. Select a specific track from playlist
  4. Start and stop the track on demand
  5. Repeat a track (auto mode or manually?)
  6. Count the number of times the track is played (through to completion)
  7. View the album artwork image as the track plays
*This is supported on my iPad but not my iPhone for free account - but don't understand why it works this way...
Finally, would all of this be implemented using the Spotify Web API? Is that the easiest way?
Any and all input appreciated. Thank you!




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