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How to create a playlist by randomly sampling other playlists?

How to create a playlist by randomly sampling other playlists?

Hello. Let's start with context: I'm trying to create a playlist for a ballroom party. It is important to change styles every 3-4 songs. Let's say I want 3 salsa songs to play, then 3 samba songs, then 3 Brazilian zouk songs, then repeat the sequence of styles, but with different songs. Assume that I have access to playlists (mine of from third parties) with 100s of songs separated by style. So, creating the playlist for the party would be a matter of sampling 3 songs at random from the salsa playlist(s), then 3 from the samba playlist(s) and so on. And I want to do that until the total length of the playlist reaches approximately 5 hours.


Assume that I have a Premium account from Brazil and that I may run the script from my computer (Windows 10), then share the playlist with someone else.


Does anyone have a solution that already works for this? Or, if you have any suggested pathways, I am pretty knowledgeable in R programming.

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Hi fsseab.


This is something that can be done using Spotify's Web API if you have experience making web apps. If you don't have experience making web apps, or would just prefer a pre-packaged solution, I do freelance web engineering and would gladly help you out.

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