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How to get my Spotify plugin for ChatGPT reviewed. Please help to unblock this.

How to get my Spotify plugin for ChatGPT reviewed. Please help to unblock this.

I developed a plugin for ChatGPT that allows to create playlists with the music by giving a description: "Create a playlist with the top hits from the 80s", "Make it more metal", etc. Here is the demo

I submitted a request for review probably a month ago but haven't heard back. Is there a way to reach out Spotify dev support directly and learn what information I can provide to help this process?


The problem is, ChatGPT plugin store is in Alpha right now and only a small number of devs have access to install unverified ChatGPT plugins. In order to get this plugin approved by OpenAI, I need to get my Spotify app approved (so that I don't have to add every user manually). But Spotify doesn't respond likely because they don't have access to ChatGPT plugins and can't test this. So it's a deadlock 🙂 


I reached out to OpenAI and they agreed to give someone from Spotify access to their Plugin store so they can test my app and approve it. The only thing that stands in the way is I can't find anyone from Spotify to talk to and they are not responding to an official request. 


Is there any way to solve this? Any help or advice would be appreciated.

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Hey I don't have an answer for you but did you ever resolve this? It sounds like such a cool idea. 

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