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How to reproduce Spotify web app behavior where a Blend's track can have multiple added_by users?

How to reproduce Spotify web app behavior where a Blend's track can have multiple added_by users?




ID, but I assume this apply to all countries

My Question or Issue

Inside a Blend playlist with more than 1 users, the Spotify app might display a track with more than one user in the "added by" column.

But when fetching the tracks inside the Blend from the web API, each track only specify one user in the "added_by" field. Specifically, I tried with the "GET:/playlist/{playlist_id}/tracks" and "GET:/playlist/{playlist_id}".




// Sample track from,en;q=0.5

const trackItem = {
  "added_at": "2022-05-14T07:11:28Z",
  "added_by": {
    "external_urls": {
      "spotify": ""
    "href": "",
    "id": "12151282839",
    "type": "user",
    "uri": "spotify:user:12151282839"
  "track": {
    "id": "1uMHCAyGmHqyygoNRuo7MV",
    "name": "edamame (feat. Rich Brian)",
    "track": true,
    "type": "track"





How do I replicate the behavior of the Spotify app where there can be more than 1 user that add the track to the playlist?




3 Replies

Hey guys,

I would have an feature request for the WEB API. At the moment the api returns only one out of the X persons in the playlist.
If you want to know what a blend playlist ist read here:

A blend  add songs for each user. Sometimes there is a song more parties (users) listen to so its added for alle those parties (which is shown in the mobile apps (i also think its also an the desktop app)). But when you ask trough the WEB API it only listens one of the X parties.

So i would ask if it is possible to add this feature to the WEB API.




As far as I'm aware it is still not possible to see all the users associated with a track in a blend playlist. Adding this to the API would be appreciated 🙂
- Jager


I'm also looking for this. The Web API should return every users that added a sound to the playlist.

In the meantime, is there any way to bypass this? Is there any way to retrieve a list instead of only one user?

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