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How to request another mobile app approval

How to request another mobile app approval







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Hey Spotify Team,


I developed a simple AB looper mobile App that uses the Spotify SDK and Web API. I already registered the app with you guys in early 2019 and also registered it as a commercial product.
When I registered it was said then that I might not hear from you guys if everything is OK or not enough information was provided....
I described at that time how I use the SKD / API and also attached screenshots, as I already had an MVP at that time, but have not received any feedback until today.
I assumed everything was OK after a couple of months and fully implemented the app and also recently released it for Android.
Recently I saw that there is a new form for registering new apps and there it states that you need explicit permission from you before publishing an app.
Now I'm quite confused and wanted to ask how I can "trigger" a review again.
I obviously want to avoid any hassle and make sure everything goes properly :).

Thanks a lot!!!




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