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INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI

INVALID_CLIENT: Invalid redirect URI

Hey guys, been working with the API a little bit and so far so good but I'm going through authentication. I get successful token and get the object for user and everything but when I push to production I get the above error. After some research I have figured out that localhost is not a valid live redirect but I cant find a concrete answer on what is supposed to be a valid URI. I've made sure that all the addresses I've tried match with the dashboard and the AUTH cycle but I'm still a beginner and If I'm an **bleep** and the answer is right in front of me, then please scold me but at this point I'm at a loss. any help would be great, thanks!~

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It sounds like you don't have the Redirect URI in your settings on the Spotify Dashboard.

I did because after a few hours of guessing I got it right. And also my server was forcing https and even thought that ended up being what the callback was, turning of the requirement helped in fixing it. 

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