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Inability to Getting Track Genre Information

Inability to Getting Track Genre Information


(Windows 10 desktop)


My Question or Issue

Is there any way to get track genre information with Spotify API (python)?

5 Replies

You can get the genre information with the Get Artist, or the Get Several Artists endpoint.

If you are using SpotiPy, you can use the commands sp.artist(artist_id) or sp.artists(artist_ids_list).

Because these endpoints don't require Authorization Scopes, you can use Client Credentials.

I want to determine the.genre of songs in my own playlist. Isn't that possible?

On Spotify, playlists have tracks, tracks have artists, and artists have genres. I think that's simple enough.

But this view is exactly the problem. Not all songs of an artist fall in the same genre, not even on an given album. Each song should have it's genre.

I edited my comment, and added "On Spotify". My comment is about how the API of Spotify works, and is not my personal opinion.

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