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Login issue with iOS SDK

Login issue with iOS SDK

Hey folks, I'm having an issue implementing the iOS Spotify SDK, my objective is to get the user’s spotifyAccessToken and spotifyRefreshToken, as it is now is partially working, if the user log in using the web browser everything works well, but when the user use the Spotify app the process is not completed, the methods of the SPTSessionManagerDelegate are not called in spite the fact the spotify app callback my app.


My current implementation is simple, I have a single class in charge to dealing with the configuration and initialization of the SDK for login and authorization purposes also this class implements the SPTSessionManagerDelegate methods.


Another point to mention is that I tried with the ruby server example discribed in the Github page but this approach didn’t work the SDK never call the server.


I took the SpotifyiOS.xcframework from the Spotify sample project hosted in: Spotify GitHub
Xcode version: 13.2.1
iOS target version: 14.0
Swift version: 5.0


I tested this behavior in physical device, any assistance will be helpful!

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